Why I Supported Hon. Natasha Irobosa Osawaru

It is no news that the relationship between Dr. Michael Obasuyi and the recently elected House of Assembly Member to represent Egor Constituency has gone from better to best. Our correspondent Aleghe Solomon had a one on one interview with Dr. Michael Obasuyi to know what may have forstered this, as it is known that Dr. Obasuyi contested for the same seat under the same Party, PDP, but lost just like the four other co-aspirants.

Our correspondent:

Sir, we are aware you contested for the same seat in the other faction, lost and went to court to challenge the process. Yourself and the now Member-Elect were on two different camps, we are surprised about your recent relationship, and are even aware of the huge roles you played during the Election and most importantly the rerun, what could you say, changed?

Dr. Michael Obasuyi:

Well, first of all I will go straight to the whole point. Hon. Natasha is a lovely soul once you get to know her true personality and it didn’t take me long to notice. Yes, I contested the Primaries, what truly conspired would shock you, but it is a secret which will remain with me. I have forgiven and moved on and also asked my followers to do same. Yes, I was not satisfied with the outcome, I went to Federal High Court, Benin to challenge it. But, I did not challenge Natasha Osawaru directly, it just happened that since she also participated in the process, her name ought to be a defendant too. To be candid, I realised later that I ll be punishing the the wrong person for no just reason. She was not the one who wronged me, therefore on the floor of court, I discontinued my processes against her and later withdrew the entire suit.
As a true Party Man, I am bound to support whoever the Party had fielded as Candidate, which I simply did”.

Our correspondent:

So sir, you are saying that it was because of Party you supported her

Dr. Michael Obasuyi:

Yes, but like I said, as we continued to share our ideologies on Politics, Economy and life, I discovered she wants what I wanted, so it was easy to align our goals and juxtapose our thoughts and work together”. He also added “The Primaries where she emerged from was validly conducted and also legal, hence nobody could have any locus to challenge it, as you would see later, she doesn’t involve in any illegality, she detests it and that was seen again in her Election where she clearly won in a landslide

Our Correspondent:

Thank you sir for the insights, please what is your take on the next upcoming Governorship election?

Dr. Michael Obasuyi:

I think I will reserve my comments on that, but I can assure you it that choosing a Candidate for our Party will be democratic and transparent. All regions in the state will be carried along

This exclusive interview was granted at his residence in Egor, and as he finished, he offered us drinks and a sumptuous meal, as we ate to our fill.

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