Tinubu warns security chiefs, engaging in dual objectives no longer be accepted.

President Bola Tinubu has issued a stern message to the Service Chiefs and heads of security and intelligence agencies, stating that working with conflicting objectives will no longer be tolerated. This statement was made during Tinubu’s inaugural official meeting with the security and intelligence heads, led by Chief of Defence Staff, General Lucky Irabor, at the Presidential Villa in Abuja on Thursday.

Additionally, President Tinubu emphasized the need to combat oil theft and declared that his administration will not tolerate such criminal activity. He emphasized that Nigeria should not be overwhelmed by security challenges while other nations are progressing and achieving significant accomplishments.

Following the two-hour meeting, the National Security Adviser, Major Gen. Bafana Monguno (retd), briefed reporters, stating that the President had instructed the security agencies to present their strategic plans. The meeting served as an opportunity for the President to receive updates on the activities of various security formations and express his expectations and philosophy to the security heads.

President Tinubu expressed his determination to build upon existing progress and reverse setbacks, emphasizing the importance of a coordinated approach to national security. He made it clear that working at cross purposes or conflicting with one another would not be tolerated. The President also stressed the need for timely reports, consultations, and effective coordination among the security agencies.

Furthermore, President Tinubu outlined his intention to reform the security architecture, particularly addressing maritime challenges and the issue of oil theft. He called for swift action to crush oil theft and directed the security agencies to develop a blueprint promptly. The President emphasized the importance of supporting the operational elements of the armed forces, ensuring their well-being, motivation, and provision of necessary resources. He also highlighted the significance of intelligence agencies providing timely and relevant information to facilitate successful operations.

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