BURSTED!!! Trouble looms Mojeed Momoh, as double identity uncovered.

Nigerians would recall that barely days ago our correspondent started digging into the allegation that one of the contestants vying for position of Chief Medical Director is a double agent working for both the Federal Ministry of Health and an unknown firm. Confirmed and verified report just reaching us proves that it is true.

For almost Fifteen years, Dr. Mojeed Momoh has been a service contractor to Chevron and her sister Companies. Our sources from chevron revealed that he is paid heavily for his services, while still collecting salaries from The Federal Government as a worker in Irrua Specialist Teaching Hospital. This goes against the civil service rules, Code of conduct bureau and if found culpable is punishable under the criminal code act.

A Confirmed source revealed the company as Delog Construction and Euroflow are the two companies chevron use to pay him. Currently so as not to raise dusts, he asked Chevron to pay through third party Company called ” deepdrill”. Our source in one of the Companies emphatically said” if he denies it let him provide his account statement, you will see all the huge alerts he has been receiving from deep drill”, the source said.

Few days back, our correspondent visited the Irrua Specialist Hospital and confirmed that the embattled Mojeed Momoh does not report to duty, rather gives more time to Chevron.

Sylvester Effiong-Bassey,

Reporting from Gbagada,